How a Professional Cleaning can Help Control Pesky Symptoms

Carpet Cleaning Bassendean

There are various things you should be aware of if you or someone you live with suffers from allergies. There are a number of factors that can impact your allergies, even if you’re visiting a doctor and using medication to help control your allergy symptoms. The items listed below may cause an allergic reaction in your house, as well as what you can do to assist alleviate the problem.

Hard Surface Cleaners

Many home cleaners sold in large box retailers include potentially dangerous chemicals that might affect your skin and respiratory system. This can cause allergic reactions such as hives. Using many cleaners might cause an allergic reaction as well as a harmful chemical reaction. You will just not think twice about the cleansers you use on a regular basis in your kitchen, shower, and on the tile floor – until you develop an itchy rash.

The experts at Carpet Cleaning Bassendean recommend the use of Powered WaterTM technology. This technique has the potential to avoid allergic reactions. This is due to the fact that Powered WaterTM penetrates deep into carpet fibers and other surfaces. It safely removes allergies and prior chemicals buried in the flooring.

Chemical Based Carpet Cleaners

Chemical cleaners are commonly used by commercial carpet cleaning businesses. Chemicals and solvents in these cleaners, such as perchloroethylene and naphthalene, can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. An allergic reaction might be triggered by a mixture of these pollutants.

Experts only employ 100 percent organic cleansers made from electrolyzed water to help tackle tough stains while leaving no allergen-causing residue behind. This establishes a safe surface area without requiring you or your family to breathe or contact any toxins that may have been left behind.

Pollen and Dust

Throughout the year, dust particles and pollen pieces might enter your home as you operate your heater, air conditioner, and open your windows. While they may not instantly cause an allergic reaction, you may notice the effects if they are all blasted through your furnace vents at the same time.

Pollen and dust can aggravate hay fever and asthma. Well! A professional air duct cleaning from carpet cleaning experts at Bassendean can help you solve this problem. A trained specialist will enter your home and insert a camera into your ductwork to determine how much trash is there. The debris will then be retrieved and removed from your property. As a consequence, there will be less dust in your home to damage your carpet and walls. 

Pet Dander and Odour

If you have cats or dogs, they are likely to leave a lot of filth and hair behind. Their dander (which might contain skin cells, hair, and perhaps flea remnants) may be a nightmare for allergy sufferers. Experts make use of products that safely target pet scents and break down the molecular connections. This solution, when used in conjunction with a professional carpet cleaning, may drastically minimize allergy triggers in your home.