You Should Know About Hot Water Extraction For Carpet Cleaning

There are different ways to clean your carpets with an expert service. And one of the popular methods is Hot Water Extraction, or just Steam Cleaning. Compared with the other methods of carpet cleaning, hot water extraction is not only an efficient alternative. It leaves the carpet with practically no residue. Because these methods can use countless gallons of water in their cleaning process. You can hire the best carpet cleaning services in Bassendean for this process. 

Carpet Cleaning Cost
Carpet Cleaning Cost

How to perform it?

By using high pressure alongside the hot water and cleaning agents, this process creates a simple means to get your hose vacuuming up all of the soil. It leaves the carpet clean and disinfected afterwards. It is a process that injects warm water and cleaning solutions into your carpet piles. So, it removes any clumps, while pulling all the dirt and stains from the carpet using high-powered wet-vacuum machines. Then, this process is helpful to remove the dirt and debris from the carpet. 

Difference between steam cleaning and hot Water extraction?

Unlike steam cleaning, the hot water extraction process uses a cleaning solution mixed in with the hot water. It fully rinses out the carpet and carpet fibres. If using cleaning agents such as detergents, the steam cannot offer the same deep rinse that using hot water provides. The issue with steam is once the water gets to this temperature and turns to vapour. It is no longer helpful in the rinse step of a carpet cleaner. 

Cleaning by high Temperature Water

Instead, water used is heated at the temperature most effective for both deep cleaning and proper carpet rinse. The higher water temperature sanitises carpets, and is the best solution to cleaning carpets. For years, steam cleaners have been a favourite way of using high temperatures to clean and disinfect carpet fibres. Many makers recommended Carpets Cleaned Professionally, and it had a proven track record. 

Is this process eco-friendly or not ?

Hot Water Extraction is a green, eco-friendly, eco-sustainable carpet cleaning method, which needs little water and detergents to clean your carpets. It is beneficial as it is capable of creating a proper cleaning experience without much wear. Because of its lengthy drying times and the high levels of water used during its cleaning process, water extraction cleaning allows microbial growth. Rug cleaning experts use this Machine to inject clean water and a cleaning solution into your rug and pull out dirt.


If you are unsure of what type of carpet cleaning is best for your facility, read on to learn some of it’s benefits. Make sure you contact our expert cleaners for a plan. If you are in doubt, consult the carpet industry itself for guidance on what is best for your carpets and upholstery. Certain methods are becoming obsolete. And newer, more efficient methods are safer and provide longer-lasting cleaning. Instead, warm water and cleaning agents are forced through the carpet piles under high pressure, where they break down the dirt, soil, and dust. So, contact the best carpet cleaning services today on 0877 019 577.